Check out my sizzle reel; a couple minutes of my work on camera.

A clip from Terence Elentary’s short, DIV KID, where I play a serial killer giving a final interview before being executed.

A minute of 186 Production’s short, CLOCKING IN; here I play Colin, unemployed for a little while, but refusing to get discouraged! (Pssst, I wrote and produced this short, too…check the whole thing out at the bottom of the page.)

A brief scene from PLAIN, PA, also by 186 Productions; this pilot is in development, and I play Sean, who is down on his luck and turning to illicit means to make ends meet.

Perhaps the only minute of footage  to ever surface from the unreleased webseries NYOOB, by Second Look Pictures; Steven is new to New York, a bit clueless, and ever-so-willing to put himself out there. (I wrote and produced this one, too.)

From Discovery ID’s THE PERFECT MURDER, Thomas helps detectives put away the man who killed his sister years before.

This CHEX MIX SPEC has a lucky winner…and that wasn’t me. But hey, someone’s gotta run into the poll, right?

Here’s the full short film CLOCKING IN (Second Look Pictures), the first short I ever wrote and produced this one. Hope you have as much fun watching as I did making it!