Michael Tyler has performed and studied across the globe, from Los Angeles to Seoul.  He grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains just west of Denver, Colorado, and has since made his way to almost every corner of the world.  He was even fortunate enough to study at the infamous Moscow Art Theatre, which inspired his transition to New York City.

In L.A., Michael studied and performed EastWest Players; while teaching English in Korea, he appeared on the hit television show ‘Boys Over Flowers’; and since arriving in New York in 2009, he’s graced stages with EndTimes Productions, Benefit of the Doubt Theatre, The Drilling Company and more.  Turning his focus to film and television, he’s also been in Travel Chanel’s ‘Mysteries at the Museum’, DiscoveryID’s ‘The Perfect Murder’ and a number of other independent projects. He recently rocked the red carpet at the premier of the independent film ‘Pickings’, which will be coming soon to streaming services near you!

Michael recently made his Off-Broadway debut in ‘The Mushroom Cure’, a one-man show about a man’s quest to cure his OCD, by any means necessary. His run was successful enough to be extended through the month of June, and might have gone on longer, had he not immediately jumped into a new play: Chatter, which plays the first week of July at The Tank!


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